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Partnering with Levin Easterly Partners, the SPAC Fund provides a solution for investors who are looking to ways to meet return objectives while protecting against unknown risks. The Fund aims to provide an equity-like return stream with the substantial downside protection inherent to the SPAC structure. Our value-oriented investment team has deep experience in the SPAC market, having been a sponsor, consultant and investor, including having participated in over 40 SPAC IPOs in the last 5 years.

Long/Short US Real Estate Equity

Partnering with Midwest Advisors, the Long/Short US Real Estate Strategy seeks to generate attractive, non-correlated total returns investing in domestic Small- and Mid-cap real estate sector equities. Managed within a market-neutral framework, our focus is on alpha generation in all market environments, as opposed to directional beta.

Infrastructure & Logistics

Maritime Logistics Equity Partners

Partnering with FDX Offshore, a veteran maritime infrastructure investor, and WOMAR Tanker Pools, an experienced tanker operator, we are able to bring this yield-oriented vehicle to market. 

This special purpose vehicle will take advantage of a unique opportunity to invest in critical maritime assets, specifically in-demand chemical tankers.  In a world where yield with a reasonable risk/reward profile is difficult to obtain, chemical tankers can offer consistent high cash flow when managed by an experienced operator.

Opportunistic & Distressed

Recover America

Partnering with Hospitality Capital Solutions, a joint venture of Flag Luxury and Newmark Knight Frank, this distressed debt and equity vehicle aims to provide financing to hotel, retail and entertainment properties in the top hospitality markets in the United States.

Liquid Alternatives

James & Alpha

James Alpha Advisors brings to market a full suite of liquid alternatives solutions including these highly rated funds:

Global Real Estate Investments Fund

With portfolio focused on higher-growth specialty and diversified property types, this fund seeks to provide a high level of diversification by both property type and geography, focusing on opportunities across the market cap spectrum.

Managed Risk Domestic Equity Fund

The core-oriented equity fund utilizes direct S&P 500 index exposure along with a set of complex options strategies, designed to reduce the depth and duration of drawdowns during periods of market volitality and risk.

Structured Credit Value Fund

This fund is focused on providing competitive yields to the HY market but with significantly lower volatility and risk.


More information on the James Alpha Advisors suite of products can be found here: www.jamesalphaadvisors.com

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